About us

We provide the knowledge and expertise to our clients so they can make informed decisions to manage their critical risks.

Who We Are

Our firm is named Triplex Acies in recognition of the Roman military tactic ‘triple battle order’. The strategy utilised the various strengths of the army’s troops in three lines of defence, with the lines of each rank overlapping to allow for counterattack or orderly withdrawal. This typifies our approach to enterprise risk, security and resilience, and forms the foundation of our service to our clients.

We provide practical and value-add strategic, tactical and operational solutions for your organisation. We understand that your operating environment is changing and that your organisation is facing evolving threats; as a result, you require measures that adapt and evolve to effectively manage your critical risks.

We act in partnership with you to help safeguard your organisation, and look forward to understanding how we can help.

Our Team

Our Team is comprised of dedicated specialists with deep subject matter expertise. Our team of trusted advisers are former military, intelligence, corporate security and risk professionals who have experience operating globally and in many hostile environments.

Our founders all have multiple post-graduate qualifications, professional accreditation and experience overseeing and implementing our core disciplines in government agencies and large multinational corporations across various industries.

Our Leadership Team

David Kortum – Director

David is a practical leader with extensive industry and consulting experience in risk management, security, ethical behaviour, crisis management and business continuity. David has worked in risk management, crisis management, business continuity, ethical behaviour, security and intelligence roles with Telstra, Commonwealth Bank and Deloitte. David is a member of several audit and risk committees.

David’s qualifications include:
• Master of Counter Terrorism
• Master of Defence Studies
• Bachelor of Arts (Political Science).

Dovid Clarke – Director (Advisory)

Dovid is a dynamic solution-centred problem solver with over 20 years of industry experience specialising in enterprise-wide security, crisis management, risk and resilience disciplines.

Dovid’s qualifications include:
• Executive MBA
• Master of Information Security and Intelligence
• Graduate Diploma of Information Management and Analysis
• Diploma of Korean Languages.

How Can We Help?

Please contact us for more information or if you would like to arrange an engagement scoping meeting.