Business Continuity Risk Management

Our Business Continuity function provides informative advice to help you manage your business continuity risks.

Business disruption can occur as a result of natural disasters (earthquakes, bushfires, typhoons or floods), technology failure, utility outages, third party or supply chain disruption. Our Team can identify, assess and mitigate these and many other business disruption risks, and will work with you to prepare for, respond to and recover from these adverse events.

Our team has led the preparation, response and recovery activities for large multi-national corporations domestically and abroad. We have responded to major earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and health issues in Asia, and have liaised closely with third parties to ensure appropriate recovery strategies have been developed and tested.

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This Team can also assist you in building governance frameworks and policies, Business Impact Analysis assessments, developing Business Continuity Plans and procedures to recover and restore business following adverse events. Our Team has expertise in developing Business Continuity Plans, Pandemic Plans, Evacuation and Repatriation Plans, Critical Utility Disruption Planning, and Natural Disaster Incident Management procedures.

We can help you build robust plans and contingency strategies and, more importantly, build a robust and resilient capability that can identify, assess and develop a course of action to safeguard your people, assets, infrastructure, continuity of service or operations, and your reputation.

We can assist in training and awareness, program review and capability uplift, and conducting foundation, intermediate or complex exercise simulations. Our Business Continuity activities dovetail into our Crisis Management, Security, Ethical Behaviour and Geopolitical Risk practises to ensure you have a mature all-hazards approach.