Geopolitical Risk

Our Geographical Risk Capability

Our Geopolitical function provides pragmatic advice to businesses to manage their geopolitical risks. Whether dealing with Brexit, tensions on the Korean Peninsula, or bribery and corruption investigations, our experts will provide you with strategic, tactical and operational advice to safeguard your business and enable it to grow into new and emerging markets with confidence.

Our knowledge and expertise helps inform your key stakeholders on emerging threats, shifting dynamics, and cultural considerations to enable strategic geopolitical decisions.

Our experts will assist your business to build frameworks, develop policies, set your risk appetite, conduct geopolitical risk assessments, and develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for higher risk jurisdictions and high-impact events. We help you manage uncertainty and ‘connect the dots’ to assist you in anticipating and adjusting to significant changes in foreign jurisdictions and volatile regions.

Our experts monitor global events 24/7, 365 days a year, with a particular focus on increasing political instability, potential regime change, upcoming elections and shifts in policies and sentiment towards foreign businesses – and provide timely advice to help you adjust to geopolitical changes.

What We Specialise In

Our specialists offer the following products and services:

Geopolitical Risk Analysis
Intelligence Reports
Due Diligence Reports
Supply Chain Analysis
Threat Assessments
Training and Awareness
Geopolitical Briefings

How Can We Help?

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